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Traditional Medicine 2023:

Traditional Medicine is an age-old scientific field constantly evolving and has laid many milestones in different research sectors. The major applications are in environmental, agricultural, healthcare, drug discovery, food technology, and many more. To stay updated with the current research findings in these fields, Longdom Conference extends immense pleasure in inviting you to join the “International Conference on Traditional Medicine and Ethnomedicine”. This will be one of the leading Traditional Medicine conferences scheduled for September 14-15, 2023 in Amsterdam Netherlands. This Traditional Medicine Ethnomedicine conference TraditionalMedicine and Ethnomedicine conference will be focusing on the theme "Natural Healing in the Contemporary World".

Key Benefits:
- Meet with your colleagues
- Network for better career growth
- Get global visibility through the conference websites
- Publish your work in relevant, highly indexed supporting journals.
- Certification will be provided.
- A Speaker Profile page will be created.
- The Speaker banner will be updated on a website that has more than 25000 conference site visitors.

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